Welcome to our blog! Ling is a former biology teacher but now on adjunct-teaching, and myself – CY – a tertiary institution Lecturer. The both of us have been together for a while, and were married in November 2006. Our daughter, Hannah, joined our family in June 2009 and she was joined by Peter in June 2013.

Our blog entries are largely centered around rants of living and working in Singapore, dining at foodcourts, and recipes when cooking at home. This web site has been around since early 1996, and I’ve been writing my reflections and muses here since that time. The site formally moved to the “blog” format in 2005, but suffered a catastrophic crash in March 2007. We lost several hundreds of our blog entries written over the years in that crash. And just over a year later again in May 2008 while trying to upgrade WordPress, we lost about another hundred posts.:(

Still, what’s the more precious are our memories. So, we’re glad to have you visit our site to share with some of these. Do enjoy your stay here, and God bless!


Disclaimer too: none of the three authors in this blog are representing our respective institutions and workplaces in the materials we write and post here.

Also, this is a privately owned space, and the only full freedom of expression allowed here is for persons known personally to us. Profanity-laden strangers, please visit someone else’s blog.

Updated: Jun 2015


  1. Vivian says:


    Could you let me know the ID you used? Many thanks in advance!

  2. CY says:

    Sure – will email you later too.

  3. M&M says:

    Hi, I read your blog with much interest. Would be grateful if you could share with us the two IDs that you and your wife shortlisted?

    Many thanks.


  4. CY says:

    Hey there. Sure thing – will email you later.

  5. Ian says:

    Hi! Stumbled upon your blog and really like your bedframe! Mind sharing how much was it and the ID you used?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. CY says:

    Hey there. Sure – will email you.

  7. CC says:

    hi there, I have just started my reno … To be honest it’s kinda overwhelming. We realized along the way, we have few change of mind moments. Stumbled upon your blog and it helped alot! Would you mind sharing your contacts for ceiling fans (Crestar), solar film and blinds too? Thanks in advance and have a great week!

  8. Janice C says:

    Hi Came across your blog when searching fr reno info. Thank you for putting up the info. Really useful. I used to keep a parenting blog w great readership. Unfortunately, its now locked ( was locked before my first feature in newspaper. Had to protect my familys privacy) and I also kept a reno blog. Anyway, just dropping you a note to say thanks fr info .. :)

  9. CY says:

    Sure thing – will email you later.

  10. Timothy says:

    Hi! Can I also have the contacts for the fans? Your blog really helped me in my planning for my coming bto:) Thank you for your hard work!

  11. CY says:

    Sure – will email you later too.

  12. Angela says:

    Hi! I would like to have your id contact if that’s possible? Thank you for the useful info you have shared!

  13. CY says:

    Hey there. Sorry for the late reply. Will email you our contact.

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