Phuket 2017

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Phuket 2017 – Itinerary v1

Oddly, while it’s just about 6 weeks before our year-end 8 day Free and Easy holiday in Phuket, I’ve felt less of a compulsion to blog about our developing itinerary than say 11 day trip to Western Australia. It’s probably a mix of several factors – including that Phuket is such a well-known and traveled-to place for residents in our part of the world, I’m not sure how much I’d be able to add to the volume of information there’s already out there on it! Secondly, unlike our WA trip, our current Phuket itinerary is less structured – on account that I’m honestly having difficulties now filling it up with activities suitable for kids too.

Still: our current itinerary looks like this:

It’s a fairly light itinerary, and some of the key highlights being:

Bang Tao Beach: OK and certainly less crowded beach area than the Patong area.

Patong Beach: party capital of the island and maybe even the region.

Kawai Beach: less busy and tourist-y stretch on the southern-tip of the island.

Kids Club Phuket / Kidzoonia / Molly Fantasy: indoor playgrounds for our kids

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary: a protected reserve for elephants, and unlike a few other places on the island pretending to be such – this one is the real deal. Admission prices fairly pricey though.

Soi Dog Foundation: from the web site’s brief: “Soi Dog was created to provide a humane and sustainable solution to managing the stray population and to address their medical needs.”

Splash Jungle Waterpark / Rawai Park: two water-theme parks for the kids

Phuket Trickeye Museum: just for laughs – and fun photos!

Phuket Old Town: exploration of the old historical center of the island.

Phuket Seashell Museum: this one’s for Peter and his fascination with sea shells.

I was initially toying with the idea of repeating the round-island trip with the same provider we went with 9 years ago – Simba Sea Trips. But while they are as highly regarded as they were back then, their prices seem to have also skyrocketed. And since we won’t be swimming or snorkeling, I wasn’t sure how much the kids and us would get out from the trip. So, that got dropped in the current iteration of our plan.

We’re seriously thinking of opting for canoeing around the Phang Nga Bay, and for that we’ll need to engage a day operator. More to come soon enough!



Phuket 2017 – Accomodations

If there’s one good thing about going to a tourist-y island for holiday, it’s that there is no shortage of accommodation options. Phuket is saturated with all kinds of properties for short-holiday visitors, and they’re quite varied too – not just in pricing but also on amenities. On the other hand, by the time we started looking at accommodation options last week – and this is still 4 months from the holiday itself – I was surprised to see that more than half of the available accommodations over our period of study had already been booked out. That was quick! For instance, we stayed at Tepi Sawah Villa during our 2008 trip, but that property was fully booked over our coming vacation period.

Tepi Sawah Villa – not staying here this time though.

As with our other stays in the vacations we had in the last two years, room size, number of beds, and general cleanliness of a property are the three things we look out most for. The island is also slightly larger than Singapore, which makes staying at different properties on different sides of the island a good idea – just so that we can minimize the inadvertent traveling time around the island.

So, after some searching, we settled on these two:

Cassia Phuket: on Phuket’s east coast. Booked a two-bedroom loft suite with lagoon/ocean view of 62sqm.

Sino House Phuket: in Phuket Town, which is located at the south-west end of the island. Booked a Family Junior Suite of 48sqm.

Next post on our developing itinerary!

Phuket 2017

The travel bug bit us right after we returned from our 11 Day trip to Western Australia in June. As soon as I was able to straighten out a possible period of travel in December against work commitments, we next had to decide where to go.

A 10 day Taiwan trip was on the top of the list on account of its very cool weather at year’s end, and also that Ling has never been there before. Taiwan is of course one of the best all-round places to visit on account of its sheer variety of sights in a fairly compact island, a very developed infrastructural and transportation system to get around the island, language isn’t as large a barrier as say South Korea or Japan, and finally it’s also slightly less costly than a vacation in either country too. An early version of the itinerary would have seen us doing traveling around the island to take in natural sights – and that was when we realized that our two kids would likely not enjoy the itinerary, as it would be bereft of amusement parks, farms, and children-centered activities.

So, it was back to the drawing board midweek on where to go, and we decided on Phuket. Not a particularly inspired choice, and both Ling and myself have been to the island – our last trip from almost 10 years ago blogged here too. However, the island seems to have experienced quite a bit of development over the last decade, and specifically in the new inclusion of child-friendly places of interest – including theme and water parks.

A flight-booking confirmed, and we’re set for a 8 day trip to the island. More details to come next; starting with accommodation options, and also itineraries!