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The 35mm f1.8D was taken out for a spin last weekend. This weekend, it was the 50mm f1.8D’s turn. I shot a whole bunch of pictures of Hannah wide-open, and as before, at f1.8 pictures were a little soft. Sigh. When stopped down to f2.8, things improved quite a bit, though wide-open my 50mm just can’t match the 35mm in center sharpness.


At our family home in Lentor. Hannah can bite off an apple now - a new achievement that Ling observed on Saturday. Shot at ISO800, f1.8, 1/160s. The picture was a little soft at this aperture.


Back at home, and at ISO1600, f2.8, 1/125s. Much better image sharpness.


Ling getting Hannah to show the number two, and at ISO400, f2.8, 1/160s.

Our girl is just about 2 months away from turning three. We’ve just finally taught her to say out loud how old we each are at home; i.e. “Hannah is two and a half years old. Daddy is 40 years old. Mommy is 37 years old!” Just a month ago, she was saying “Mommy is 70 years old” – and Ling would turn white at it.=)

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The last of our weekend pictures taken of Hannah. This bunch was just after she woke up from her afternoon nap on Saturday afternoon. Our girl has taken to sitting on it and looking out to the swimming pool, trees, blue sky and what not.


The exterior windows are a little dirty - only noticed it after the picture was taken.

The bay window in her room is more than a meter from the floor, so she has to be carried up to it, and watched too. She knows it’s too dangerous for her to try climbing down on her own, but Ling was hovering right outside the camera frame in case Hannah had any funny ideas.=)


She's holding onto two little cat figurines that are decorations on the window panes.


A student of mine who happened to glance at my notebook wallpaper on Thursday afternoon remarked that Hannah looks exactly like me. But I still can't see the resemblance!

All taken using the 50mm. Lighting was a little tricky given the relatively brighter backdrop.=)

The Punggol Waterway is a pretty easy spot to find for us, since we’ve driven past it before when on our way to Hannah’s nursery school. The place was officially opened on 23 Oct last  year, and features a roughly 4 km walkway on both sides of the man-made waterway. We checked out the place after dinner and just now at about early evening, so the colors look just a mite washed-out.

The lenses that came for the trip was the new Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 (first four pictures in this post), and 50mm f1.8 (the last picture). I wasn’t the only visitor totting around a DSLR for sure. Counted at least half a dozen other photographers carrying DSLRs equipped with something other than kit lenses.=)


One of the several bridges linking both sides of the waterway.


Took a couple of short videos too. Hannah's always interested in watching herself on video, and will ask us to rotate the viewfinder just for her look-see.=)


A street pilferer in the making.=)




Took turns to piggy-back her.=)

Judging from the pictures taken by other visitors in better light, I imagine we’ll come by here again soon in perhaps mid-morning

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OK; it’s official. I have to squint real hard if I want to read the viewfinder’s information display now. !@#!@#!

We’re gonna be heading out later in the afternoon to check out the new Punggol waterfront area that our friends suggested during last night’s bible study, with the 70-200mm is going out for another test-drive. In the mean time; now that I’ve corrected the 50mm f1.8 for front-focusing problems, here’re pictures of Hannah from it.


Getting her hair done in the early morning before heading out to the just opened Greenwich for brunch. Those are little hair-clips on her fingers.


Eye-balling the milk-powder container.=)


Connecting the dots!


No we're not gonna let her get into this habit of reading in this posture.=)

Even after focusing correction using AF fine-tune, results off the 50mm were still mixed. All of these four pictures were taken at f3.2 to f4, and when blown up, it’s still very slightly soft in the center when compared to the 35mm.

Last month I wrote an entry reporting that while Hannah’s all me in mannerisms and general looks, her eyes take after Ling’s. Well, here’s proof – got Hannah to pose with Mommy, with Ling making her laugh.:)


Looks like Hannah could eventually inherit Mommy’s crow-eyes too!

Taken using the 50mm f1.8 again (but gonna switch back to my usual 24-60mm f2.8 after this) yesterday night after her 7:30 pm feed.:)

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If there’s one thing I miss on portrait lenses, it’s optical stabilization in low light situations typical of a restaurant. These were taken (badly) this morning during a brunch at Swensens @ Compass Point, and if you’ve been there for a meal, you’ll know how dim lighting is there. I didn’t want to drive the ISO beyond 800 (need… full… frame… DSLR!), and I didn’t want to shoot with a wide-open aperture either. So at f2.2 – the most I was willing to risk, and ISO800 – and at 1/20s exposure times, half of the shots had visible shake, and that’s not counting the fact that Hannah herself rarely remains still – now also got subject motion to contend with. It’s only now when I realize how spoilt I’ve become by optical stabilization LOL.


Hannah with her favorite past time when we’re out of home – chewing on her toy.:) 

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These next were taken at the level four Kopitiam at Hougang Mall with warm lighting in the food court. Had to adjust tint levels and temperature, and even then the results still look a little off.


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My first Nikon lens from 1985 was a 50mm f1.8. As those of us who’re amateurs in photography would know, this 50mm focal length lens is especially appropriate for portrait shots. While I did pick up my first zoom lens – a Nikkor 70-210mm a couple of years later out of my own pocket money – I spent more time with the 50mm taking portrait shots of my ACJC classmates than the zoom. Those pictures weren’t all good of course (though a couple turned out very well, including one of this classmate I was interested in back then!), but there were a lot of valuable lessons that I learned from trying out, and also from a fellow ACJC enthusiast back then, who today has his own photography studio.

Fast forward to 25 years: I’ve bought a second-hand 50mm f1.8 AF from a colleague in July 2008 but funnily never really used it much with the D300. I like the Sigma 24-60mm f2.8 lens better, what with its small but tremendously useful zoom range, and that it’s tact sharp after I had it calibrated at the Sigma Service Center. Either way, I took the 50mm out for a Sunday spin with Hannah as the test subject. And here’s the outcome after about 90 frames later – split into two posts. This one below was taken at home in semi-low light.


Yeah I’m all rusty, and I made a couple of noob errors. But the next couple taken at Hougang Mall turned out better.:)