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  1. Jang says:


    I am looking for photos for an oral health resource we are creating and came across some pictures in the blog titled “Ling’s Guide to Bathing Babies… er, Hannah!” – I really like two of these pictures and hoping to use them – Would you be willing to allow us to use for a poster?

  2. lim says:

    hi yang. came across your post on the acs hymnal. do you have a copy of that? couple of old boys are looking for one.

  3. Leong Kok Weng says:

    God-willing, we will become neighbours. Thanks for your posting. Most helpful. One of my daughter is Hannah too. She is 9 now.

  4. Jayashree says:

    Is there a way to get Carter’s or osh kosh clothes to Singapore? I wanted to get a few hence was checking with you…

  5. Ling says:

    Hi Jayashree,

    You could do international shipping at their US online store or join the overseas sprees organised by various mothers at the Singapore Motherhood forum (http://singaporemotherhood.com/forum/). I have been purchasing goods from Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Old Navy, See Kai Run, etc, from the Singapore Motherhood. I think group purchase saves a bit more $$. Be careful to scrutinise the spree organiser before joining. Just read through the older posts from other spreeists to gauge the reliability of the spree organiser.

    Happy shopping! :)

  6. helena says:

    Hi LIng
    Thanks for sharing your experience of reno . I enjoyed reading your postings and learn much from you. Presently I am looking for LED downlights for my house and is really frustrating bec of different spec and pricing. Can I have the warehouse where you buy you LED lights…though the pricing is not the cheapest in the market.
    What brand of builtin oven do you have…good.
    Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  7. CY says:

    Hey there; thanks for the visit to our blog. I’ll email you later about our contact points.

  8. Sherline says:

    Hi, I am interested in the shigeharu shop in Kyoto that sells authentic jap handmade knives. How are your knives doing well? Did u buy carbon steel or stainless steel? Did u get a santoku knife? Is the whetstone heavy for luggage? You check in the knife and whetstone in your luggage? Thanks for answering my queries.

  9. CY says:

    Hi Sherline, I’m Ling here. Welcome to our blog.

    Our knives are still working sharp with no rust. They are sharpened about once in 6 months (as I’m too busy and often forgetful). We bought the stainless steel chef knives. Whetstone isn’t that heavy. We only bought the 1000 grit whetstone at that time. I’d like to suggest that you also get the finer grit (e.g. 6000 ) to polish the knife edge after sharpening with the 1000 grit as this will make your knife stay sharp longer. The airport allows us to check in both the knives and whetstones. Just make sure that these are properly wrapped and placed in the middle of your luggage to avoid accidentally damage.

    Hope the above helps. :)

  10. CY says:

    Still Ling here. :)

    Just to add on a precaution here about using such precious knife. My confinement lady used our Japanese chef knife to pry frozen meats apart and broke the tip! Heart pain. It is a good idea to alert people who might be using your expensive knife that they should not treat the knife like a chopper or cleaver that is tough enough for all kinds of abuse.

    I also wanted to add that even though stainless steel is supposed to be resistant to rusting, it is a good practice to wash and dry the knife after use as soon as you can. I know of some friends who like to drip dry their knives or worse still, keep their wet knives in wooden knife block!

  11. Siew says:

    Hi, can you share with me your curtain specialist? Thanks :)

  12. CY says:

    Hey there – sorry for the late reply; will email you shortly.

  13. Bambang says:

    Hi, can you share with me your two preferred IDs? Thanks a lot!

  14. CY says:

    Sure thing; will email you shortly.

  15. Charmaine says:

    Hi, can you email me the name and contact of your ID who designed the children’s room? I really liked your children’s room. Thanks. :)

  16. Jo says:


    Enjoyed and very impressed by your detail renovation blogs from 2014. Can you share your ID details, curtains/blinds supplier and also fans supplier ?


  17. CY says:

    Hey there both; sorry for the late replies. Will email you.

  18. SOO KI CHAO says:

    Hi, any comment for the invisible grille after 2 years? I am surveying whether to replace it with conventional stainless/metal grille. Do share me your opinion k? Thank you.

  19. CY says:

    They’re still working great almost three years now after installation. Haven’t done a close inspection of every grill, but it still seems free of corrosion, and cable tension still seems intact.

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