Phuket 2017 – A Child’s Perspective

One thing we started during our Western Australia trip in June was to get our girl to keep a journal of things she sees and experience everyday. I reckon I’ll have to do something similar for Peter on our next vacation – even if I don’t think he can manage writing in six months time, he should at least want to draw something out.

Hannah writing her journal on Day 5 @ Sino House.

Some changes to her journal, taking on board observations we made from the June experience:

Lines to guide her handwriting. It gets progressively worse!

More guidance: rather than just leave space for her to write, her improved journal now includes questions we ask her.

Portrait rather than landscape mode. It’s easier for her to write a document in portrait mode – I think!

And these are selected comments, right from the horse’s mouth.

We thought the bioluminescent plankton was really special too.

Sadly, there are really that few elephants left in Thailand.

Mommy had supervising duties for H this time, and they had a lot more fun than I did with Peter LOL.

H rated Cassia Phuket 4.5 stars, but doesn’t know why she’s deducting 0.5 stars for LOL.

Yep, we thought it was over-priced.

Next – and last post in our Phuket Dec 2017 series – on the overall trip!

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  1. Matt says:

    This is a grand idea! I’m not sure why I never thought of having my son do something similar on trips and outings.

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