Western Australia – A Child’s Perspective

One key thing we wanted to do this WA trip was to be able to get Hannah to recollect in her later years her observations and reflections what she was seeing and experiencing across the 11 day vacation. She was definitely very game for it, and in fact on several evenings, even gently reminded me that she had to write her journal. And after 11 days:

Her notes contained a lot of factual information but less on retrospection. It’s probably just how her mind at this stage works, so it’ll be something that she’ll undoubtedly improve upon if we continue to get her to do this for our next trips.

Her handwriting gets progressively worse.

Writing her journal on Day 5 and shortly after arriving at MR Hideaway.

Days 1 and 2.

Days 6 and 7.

So, in future:

A more structured organization to her Journal by including questions like “What did you see?”, “What did you try out for the first time?”

Lines for her to write on LOL.


4 Comments to Western Australia – A Child’s Perspective

  1. Nor says:

    Chanced upon your blog while fine-tuning my perth itinerary for Nov.
    really enjoyed it. :) the journal is a fine idea indeed. Shall do that too for my 8 yr old. Thanks for the idea!

  2. CY says:

    Welcome to our blog, and we’re glad that the notes here were helpful! :)

  3. Nor says:

    How was the ride from Perth to MR? I’m planning to have a quick pit stop at Bunbury for the kids’ toilet break and for a quick stretch before continuing our journey to Busselton Jetty. (our accommodation is 15 mins away from the jetty)
    do u think 1 pit stop is enough? are the directions to each stop (mandurah/bunbury/busselton) well displayed? quite nervous incase we miss any stops.. :S

  4. CY says:

    Perth to MR should be a pretty easy drive, and yes – we also had made a stop at Bunbury too for our kids’ pee break! Road signs are large, and frequent – but if you have Google Maps, then you really can’t get lost, as the maps there are quite up to date for this stretch of WA.

    Perth to MR isn’t too long – about 3 hrs I think. We managed further – Fremantle to Pemberton on a single day, and survived.:)

    Though if you also have accommodations in Busselton, then that’d make things even easier; just about 2.5 hrs.

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