Western Australia – Day 10 – King’s Park

Day 10, and one more day left to our vacation to WA. We planned to make the trip to Whiteman, north of Perth, to visit the Caversham Wildlife Park in the earlier versions of our itinerary, but after that was dropped in favor of just visiting Bunbury Wildlife Park, we could spend the entire day in Perth city itself. Rather than visit shopping arcades and the retail district, we went instead with parks. The most popular one in Perth is quite well-known – King’s Park – and few tourists to Perth won’t at least spend several hours in the 4.0 sqm park, especially along the Fraser Avenue stretch to get a unobstructed view of Perth city across Swan River.

I visited King’s Park several times during my years in Perth, and the view of Perth’s central business district remains magnificent – though I’d forgotten that the best time to visit is mid-afternoon, and not early morning when the sun is behind the city, making it really hard to get nice pictures. So, after spending several hours exploring the park in the morning, we headed elsewhere and returned to the park in the mid-afternoon.

A view of the city from King’s Park at 9:30AM

And at 3PM on the same day, World of difference!

Photos from the morning visit first. The birding shots were all taken using the GX85 and 40-150mm f2.8 + 1.4x converter:

Huge lawns for the kids to run about.

See ducks must chase. That is, until Mommy told them firmly to stop terrorising the ducks!

Every park visit is a nature lesson for the kids, what with Mommy’s green fingers and appreciation of all things flora.

The Pioneer Woman’s Fountain sprouts up every few minutes or so.

There were many bird species that had made King’s Park their home. They’re really hard to see, but Ling used her eagle eyes again to spot them. This was a very sweet pair that was nesting nearly the top of the tree.

Pretty hard to see this fellow who was hiding in the shadows of the palm tree leaves against a bright sun.

No way I could have spotted this fellow either without Ling pointing it out!

This one was easy – he was just scurrying across my path.:)

And in the afternoon visit next. The place was quite a bit more crowded at this time, with tour buses offloading large numbers of guests, but the park is still large enough for the crowds to spread out.

Back to King’s Park for me to take pictures of the city in mid-afternoon light, as the circular polarizers really do their best work when the sun is angled at 90 degrees, while the kids simply enjoyed the park by stoning…

… doing gymnastics…

… or just playing catching.

Sister and brother. Hope they always stay close!

Family wefie!

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