Western Australia – Day 10 – Elizabeth Quay and Matilda Bay Reserve

Next stop was a short 10 minute drive to Elizabeth Quay, though parking was painfully expensive (AUD12.60 for 3 hrs – ouch!). The area is a mixed-use development project, and you could easily spend hours exploring not just the Spanda side but also its entire circumference. Lunch was at Isle of the Voyage, which wipe up really yummy Beer Battered Fish & Chips There’s also a children’s playground beside this restaurant.

A Children’s Carousel near the Spanda. AUD10 for both kids, though Peter had to be accompanied by Ling as he was under the 1.1m height requirement.

Elizabeth Quay Bridge.

Ferries plying various segments of Swan River. Walking on the bridge gets you a really pretty view of the city’s business towers.

Lunch @ Isle of the Voyage.

The restaurant has children activities too, and the area is served by free WIFI.

Peter learning how to use both knife and fork. Not successfully yet though.

Hannah shared the children’s swing with an Aussie girl at the Children’s Playground @ Elizabeth Quay. The Aussie girl is half Hannah’s age – coming to 4. Aussie girl :”Higher! Even higher!!!”
Hannah (in terror): “Not so high! Not so high!!!!” LOL.

The playground is ship-themed, so there are plenty of rope ladders and even a crow’s nest at the top of the structure.

Tummies filled, we made our way next to Matilda Bay Reserve, a thin strip of grass land that has cafes, BBQ pits, and places to just chill while having a view of the many boats that are anchored in Matilda Bay.

Matilda Bay Reserve. It’s a long stretch that includes Perth’s reportedly most photographic spot – The Blue House. Didn’t visit it as the thought of having to join long queues to get photos was unappealing.

A beautifully scenic and quiet park that gives visitors more amazing views of the city line.

Framed with the 40-150mm lens.

More opportunities for the kids to play with sand again.

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