The Minton – Pictures through the years

I was doing some folder maintenance of my picture folders, and saw that I’ve taken just over 3,000 pictures of The Minton construction over the last several years now, and averaging usually about a hundred or so pictures each time. I’ve only posted up a fraction of these on our blog here, and usually in blog-friendly sizes and easier reading. But seeing that our site shows up on Google searches and fellow residents might be interested to see the ongoing construction, I’ve just uploaded to our Flickr site a larger selection of the pictures taken of the site for nearly 2 years now, and will add the new pictures coming out from visits from this point onwards.

The Flickr selection is just over a thousand pictures (a third of the actual number I’ve got) at the moment, and are divided into two folders:

The Minton – Exteriors

The Minton – Interiors

The interior shots taken on the 7 July 2013 might be especially of interest to visitors, since that’s been the only occasion up to this date where I’ve taken of insides (the site disallowed public visits into open units shortly thereafter after a reportedly altercation between workers and over-eager visiting residents also wanting to check out the place).

The pictures are also necessarily resized from the original files, but most are around 1440 horizontal pixels wide, which should provide reasonable clarity – hopefully!

Pretty interesting to see how quickly the place has come up; considering that on the 1 October 2011, the place looked like this:


The Minton on 1 Oct 2011.

And today, it looks like this:

The Minton on 28 Sep 2013.

The Minton on 28 Sep 2013.

Hope the photos help.=)


4 Comments to The Minton – Pictures through the years

  1. Rina says:

    Hi Yang & Ling, just chance upon your minton blog today and wow wee your updates are better than my weekly visit to my new soon-to-be home at The Minton, a ritual which I have been doing for 3 years!! Thanks for the updates and like you guys, my neck is getting longer by the days for the letter to get my keys.

  2. CY says:

    Hi Rina; thanks for the visitation to our blog, and glad that the pictures helped. Guess you might had been one of the early purchasers too – we bought our unit only just over 2 years ago.=)

  3. Kuan says:

    Thanks, CY, for keeping me posted of the developments at Minton. Your blog entries saved me the physical visits to the sites, though I have been there a couple of times, definitely not as regularly as you have. Your well-taken photos gave me a clear idea of the progress of the construction. Looking forward to TOP.
    Thanks much : )

  4. CY says:

    Hey there Kuan; you’re welcome.=)