Work-in-Progress – Part 12

Our post-CNY February visit to the construction site of our new home @ The Minton condo. Development’s still ongoing though it’s also hard to spot the many little new changes since our last visit. The E-M5 + 45-200mm lens alongside the LX7 did the duties again for the long and wide shots respectively.


Men at work at our block. Progress here seems comparatively ahead of the rest – not that it matters though since it’s not going to mean we get our keys first.


Rear perspective of a neighboring block’s unit; that’s the study room, the master bedroom toilet, and shower area. The bedroom toilet will need blinds later – obviously LOL.


More men at work.


Wooden flooring has been installed for some units too – nice!


The contemporary bridge. Ling observed that circular planter areas have also been built on the bridge.


Workers installing the metallic support frames for the library’s entrance.


The ‘Tranquil World’ of the area still very much a construction site otherwise.


Our block is right in the middle.


The series of blocks behind us.


Still at least half a year to completion. Check out this picture against the next one – just to see how far it’s come along.

And this was in Oct 2011 – 16 months ago.

4 Comments to Work-in-Progress – Part 12

  1. Willy Ng says:

    Hi there, my wife and I are, like you, are proud owners of a unit in The Minton. During our recent site visit, we noticed that a green fence has been erected along the perimeter. To us, the green fence is horrible-looking and an eye-sore. It is what they would use for a school fence. We feel that it greatly cheapens the whole concept and image of our condominium. We dearly hope that it’s an ad hoc thing. I seriously do not know of any other condominium that has such an offensive and indignified thing for its enclosure. In short, we feel short-changed! We would like to find out what you feel about the fence.

    At the same time, according to brochures given to us, the paint work on the exterior of the balconies should be white, and not grey. We feel that there might have been a mis-representation there. What are your thoughts?

    As lovers of our future homes, I hope that you can share your thoughts with us.

    Thanks & regards

  2. Ling says:

    Hi Willy,

    Thanks for visiting our blog. And hi to our future neighbour.

    Although the fence doesn’t make the condo exclusive-looking at the moment, I believe it will be forgotten once the foliage thickens behind it. Our current place also uses this concept of a see-through fence to create a ‘green’ barrier as a perimeter. And I must say that the greenery makes the private property very pleasant and at the same time very private.

    About the paint colour, I’m easy between white and grey as long as the colours blend well for the overall appearance.

  3. CY says:

    Here’s what it looks like again:

  4. Willy Ng says:

    Hi Ling & CY,

    Thanks for sharing and the assurance. Guess we will have to wait and see how it all turns out when everything is in place.

    Your blog has been a pleasant read and so, keeping blogging!