Conversations with a Three Year Old – 3

Ling tripped over a cable last evening and fell in the living room. Thankfully her left knee bore most of the brunt of the fall, so she was alright. This was the (cute) conversation that ensued with Hannah.

H: Mommy mommy, you must be careful ok.
M: Yes, sweetie.
H: You must lift up your leg to level 17…like this…and like that and then cross over the wire ok. Then you will not fall down you know.
M: That’s right, sweetie.
H: Mommy, later you put some cream on your leg and then tomorrow no more pain pain ok. I think it should Mopiko or Neoderm. Okay, put Mopiko.
M: Thank you, Hannah.
H: Mommy, I love you. You must be careful ok. Why you fall down?
M: Love you too, sweetie. Mommy didn’t lift up my leg high enough to cross over the wire.
H: Why you didn’t lift up your leg high enough?
M: Because mommy wasn’t careful.
H: Why weren’t you careful?
M: ……..

3 Comments to Conversations with a Three Year Old – 3

  1. Matt says:

    Ling, Ling, you must be careful ok!!!


  2. Anna says:

    so cute! hahahaha… My soon to be three year old can be just as cute (e.g. also read as ‘exasperating’). Nevertheless Ling, I hope you are alright. Do be careful ok! :)

  3. Ling says:

    Yes, yes, I will be careful :D