Hannah @ 12-50mm

I just realized that after the at least several thousands of pictures I’ve taken of our girl using the 20mm f1.7 and 30mm f2.8 prime lenses, I’ve hardly made a blog post of the pictures taken using the (boring and slow) 12-50mm lens that was I got with the E-M5 early this year. Given its focal length versatility, the lens still comes along quite a bit when we’re traveling e.g. during our trips to Melaka and Telunas Beach Resort.

Another such opportunity came about over the last several days. Ling’s been back to school with several meetings ahead of the start of the new academic year. With Hannah’s nanny out of the country on vacation, it was my turn to be a stay-at-home Hannah-minder. Pretty fun if exhaustive experience, since my turns at keeping Hannah ‘entertained’ so far have been usually half a day at most and at home but not entire days so far. Our girl is a little less clingy to Ling these days than she once was say a year ago though she still seems to gravitate somewhat more to Mommy than Daddy, so this was a great chance to build up some more of that daddy-daughter bonding.

Though it doesn’t look like it, the pictures below were taken over the span of two days.


Waiting at the bus-stop. Where Pluto goes, she goes.


Using the kid’s height bus bell; she asked that she be the one to press it and it was my teaching moment on what the bell does.


On the LRT. Yep she prefers to stand. Check out her choke-like grip on Pluto’s neck LOL.


Ling has taught her how to use her EZLink card too.


Back at home. This was one of our activities where she stacked up her toys as high as she could, and asked me to guess how many there were. I posted this up on Facebook, and only one friend correctly guessed how many there were!

We’ve also been starting to prepare for the new baby. We gave away most of the equipment used for Hannah after she outgrew them, as we thought we wouldn’t be having more children. Rather than buy everything new again, we’re planning to mix both new and used equipment this time round. Ling has been scouring online forums frequented by Singapore mommies, and midweek we picked up a used pram.


The new Combi pram.

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