Lunch with H: Stir-fry Brown Beehoon (brown rice vermicelli)

Wished I had cooked more.

Since school holidays have started, Hannah started spending time at home with me. Despite my tiredness and morning sickness during this first trimester of pregnancy, I still prefer to have home-cooked meals. To make things easy going, I decided that lunch should be easy to prepare and good to eat.

As usual, I visited a few cooking blogs to gather some lunch ideas. Found one which looked promising to kick start our lunch routine. It is a simple fried beehoon dish with loads of vegetables and some meat. The recipe can be found at Food4tots. My dish has 2 differences from the original: 1) I forgot to add glass noodles, and 2) I omitted the cabbage.

After having the beehoon for lunch, Hannah told me that she liked the meal and that it was “yum yum!”. Personally, it was quite tasty but one shouldn’t rely on a pregnant woman’s opinion as the pregnancy hormones do tricks to the taste buds. :)

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