Conversations with a Three Year Old – 2

There’s a couple of dishes that I can do passably well, learning that mostly came off my years spent in Perth. One of them is, incidentally, one of Hannah’s favorite dishes – Carbonara pasta. So, that was for our dinner this evening.

Now, Hannah loves the fresh mushrooms that routinely go into my recipe. And on this occasion, she swiped everything off her plate faster than either of us. After which, she eyed my plate that still had plenty left.

“Daddy, you have a lot of mushrooms left. You don’t want to finish all the mushrooms.”

Hannah’s first attempt at reverse psychology? It certainly can’t be her attempt at Jedi mind-tricks for sure!


With her cousins at grandparents, and over a game of Bad Piggies.

We’ve been starting to let her in on the fact that she’ll be having a little brother or sister soon by informing her of the actionable things she’ll have a part in. For example, that she’ll be sharing her room soon with another. She seems quite alright with it, though whether she really understands the full extent of what is to come might be shown by her asking questions in response – which she hasn’t yet.

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