Conversations with a Three Year Old – 1

We had a delightful albeit lazy holiday-day with Hannah yesterday. I’m still especially surprised at how fast she’s able to put things together, and better able to hold conversations and ‘negotiate’ with us. For example, after waking her up yesterday morning, I asked the following:

“OK Hannah. What do you want to do today?”

“Can I watch one episode (of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) today?”

(Laugh). “Of course you can, but besides that?”

“Can I watch two episodes today then?”

(Befuddled). “Er, but besides that?”

“OK I want to watch three episodes!”

And yesterday evening over dinner, we were watching K-19: The Widowmaker, the old 2002 submarine thriller starring Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. The DVD has gotten all moldy, so stopped and stuttered at numerous places throughout, making the entire viewing experience rather lethargic. Towards the end, Ling mused:

“Sigh. The show was so slow.”

Hannah immediately chimed in,

“We watch Mickey Mouse OK? Mickey Mouse very fast!”

OK it sounds funnier when it happened. And as for photo opportunities, here’s two.

We let her brush her teeth during her nightly winding-down routines and when we’re not in a rush, e.g. like in the weekday mornings.

She loves playing with Ling’s NTUC member cards whenever we’re at the Fairprice checkout counter.

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