Sticker Books

One of Hannah’s favorite evening routines is to do sticker book exercises with us. Ling first bought her one such book at the start of the year, and it contained several hundred stickers spread out over 36 pages. That book lasted Hannah a good month or so, after which she asked us for more. Since January then, I’ve gone on to buy seven more such books; about half from Amazon.UK, and the other half from Book Depository – both stores have different discount policies, pricing and availability. I’ve mostly assumed sticker book time from Ling for the last several months now. It’s become a routine that Hannah looks forward to every night, and will even raise a ruckus if either of us even shows a moment’s delay for this activity time with her. And after this activity, we’ll usually close off with another 10 minutes of play time with her toys, usually involving me throwing her big duck up high and letting her catch it!

The funny thing though is that Hannah doesn’t always want to peel and paste stickers into the book herself. She seems quite contend to get us to read the page’s descriptive text to her, and for her then to select which stickers to peel/paste first. Starting this week, I’ve been trying to diversify these evening activities and include wholly reading activities back instead. It’s working well so far, as long as I give her plenty of advance notice that “we’ll be reading books tonight” rather than “doing sticker books”.

Couple of pictures from one evening ago. This was after our sticker book activity; I got her to hang around a bit longer for me to snap these.


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