Olympus OM-D E-M5 – Part 3

We’ve just firmed up accommodation arrangements for a short 6 day trip during the June holidays, alongside our ang mo bud who’ll be making his fourth trip to Singapore to visit us.The destination will be on relatively less-known Indonesia island 3 hours away from Singapore – more posts to come about our trip to come.

Two pictures taken using the E-M5, both demonstrating a marvelous feature of the camera. All were taken using the 12-50mm lens.


Hannah at play after dinner, with Mommy watching TV (‘Frasier’) in the background. This was taken at an amazing 1/10s… handheld, and sharp nonetheless still. Wouldn’t had been possible without the innovative optical stabilization the camera uses. Picture here was just resized, not cropped.


Ling has been nurturing four plants for science lessons in school, and asked me to take a couple of macro pictures of new sprouts. The sprout you see here is just about 2mm tall; the lens front element was about 3 cm away from the sprout. Picture was resized + cropped.

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  1. Archie says:

    The macro is actually pretty good