Weekends and 35mm – Part 3

I’m torn between the two f1.8 primes for the D7000 – the 35mm and 50mm! After the in-body micro AF adjustments, the 35mm is sharp now in the image center now, and the 50mm slightly less so. The 35mm seems to give better color reproduction than the 50mm, but on the other hand, the latter seems to focus just a very small bit faster. The bunch of pictures below were taken on the 35mm this time, and at our weekly Sunday brunch with parents.=)


She’s been chewing on her lips a little – it’s a little swollen on the lower lip.


Her luggage this morning was a couple of books, one of which was a Mandarin book she wanted granddad to read to her.


Hoping her double-chin goes away when she grows older!


Getting fed egg tarts. Just prior to this she gobbled up roti pratas. The girl eats everything!


Getting tutored in Mandarin by granddad.=)

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