Bay Windows

The last of our weekend pictures taken of Hannah. This bunch was just after she woke up from her afternoon nap on Saturday afternoon. Our girl has taken to sitting on it and looking out to the swimming pool, trees, blue sky and what not.


The exterior windows are a little dirty – only noticed it after the picture was taken.

The bay window in her room is more than a meter from the floor, so she has to be carried up to it, and watched too. She knows it’s too dangerous for her to try climbing down on her own, but Ling was hovering right outside the camera frame in case Hannah had any funny ideas.=)


She’s holding onto two little cat figurines that are decorations on the window panes.


A student of mine who happened to glance at my notebook wallpaper on Thursday afternoon remarked that Hannah looks exactly like me. But I still can’t see the resemblance!

All taken using the 50mm. Lighting was a little tricky given the relatively brighter backdrop.=)

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