2 Years 6 Months and Night Activities

We’ve been reading to Hannah every night before bed but just today decided to try varying the activities a bit. Ling got her an activity book and glue from Popular Book Store (Ling quips that the Popular Membership card is super worth it, given the ton of stationary and children materials she buys from the book store!), and has been giving it a go.

The series of pictures tells the story. Our girl still can’t fully handle the picture sticking on her own, but with some help from Mommy can just about do one or two.=)


What the pictures here don’t tell though is that just earlier on in that very day, Hannah had super-stressed out Ling with her continued bawling. i.e. she cried over lunch, over her bath time, over her nap, over when Ling was trying to prepare dinner etc.

I got back home from work to find a very red-eyed Hannah and a weary looking Mommy. For the next half-hour had to sit our girl down and ‘psycho’ her to give Ling an easier time. Hannah at least went up to Ling thereafter, said “Sorry Mommy, no more cry-cry’”, and actually sounded very sincere.=)

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