Staycation @ Naumi – Part 3

We headed down to Marina Bay Sands for a look-see on the third day of our Staycation. Funny how that as Singaporeans, we’ve not gone by earlier to check out this absolutely monstrous construction that is supposed to sustain our island’s economic and tourism drives.

Truth to tell, the place is visually impressive at least. While walking about in the MBS shopping areas itself, I remarked to Ling that when we’re in a Singapore mall and can’t easily spot the local staples like Bata and Popular Book Store, the mall is definitely in a different league altogether. The prices for the ground floor foodcourt (Rasapura Masters) were equally representative with their marked-up prices well and above typical foodcourts too.

The view from the Sands Skypark was impressive, and we got pretty good views of the commercial business district. We’d deliberately gone by in the very late afternoon at about 1830 hrs-ish, and stayed until early evening to get contrasting panoramic compositions.


A view of the city and Marina Bay Reservoir; stitched together from seven images with the D300.


The Central Business District at about 1910 hrs.


Suntec City and the start of the Helix Bridge. It was starting to drizzle lightly, so this was a really quick shoot and run composition!


Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The cantilevered platform looks like an inverted half-banana.=)


Panoramic stitch using the f1.7... handheld.=)

Larger versions to be uploaded soon to Flickr.=)

3 Comments to Staycation @ Naumi – Part 3

  1. Matt says:


    So you did get at least a little use of your DSLR during your staycation. I was about to ask just that!

  2. CY says:

    Yep I did, though just sort of. The only pictures I took using the D300 were the Sands Skypark panoramas, and at the Infinity Pool. The E-PL2 was the more constant companion.=)

  3. Matt says:

    A DSLR is definitely not very convenient, especially when on the go and having to be mindful of one’s infant. If I could afford a Leica M9 . . . Oh man!

    It looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves during your staycation. Do you feel adequately recharged?