August, 2011

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Toddler Tantrums


What Hannah looks like when she’s in one of her ‘moods’.

That’s been recurring frequently again for the last week on account that she’s been experiencing a blocked nose and mild cold, and it’s affected her moods slightly and her sleep routines too. The former is pictured here. Hannah had a bathing standoff with Ling over the holiday weekend yesterday. Ling got so exasperated – she had been sick too – that she stormed out of the bathroom altogether and let me have a go at it.

And it wasn’t easy! Hannah refused to take her afternoon bath, and just sort of stood there and cried buckets and in her usual fashion, i.e. super poor thing that would melt anyone else’s hearts (except her parents who’d already used to it!). It took 30 minutes to calm her down, and that was through a lot of half-stern coaxing. I finally got her to let me bathe her. It was a sloppy + wet n’ wild effort as I’m nowhere as skilled as Ling in this activity. By the time we were all done with that in addition to lunch, it was an hour past her usual nap time.

There’re also her sleeping patterns. She’s been waking up in the middle of the night occasionally, and earlier each morning too. Ling and I still take turns to accompany her to sleep upon completion of her bedtime routine every night. It’s interesting again though to observe that we’ve both got very different approaches to this. Ling will stay with Hannah until she’s fully asleep, and that could take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes each time. Me, it’s just 5 minutes, tops.

Personally, I think it’s a bad idea to stay with our girl till she’s in slumberland, as it only solidifies parental expectations on the part of the child on how to go to bed, and it’ll become harder for her to get weaned off it. My 5 minute routine each night, with lights off, is to hold Hannah’s hand through her cot railings, and get her to understand that it’s bedtime for her and that Mommy and Daddy need to move away and do other things too. I’ve found her quite receptive to our bedtime conversation each night, that there’s never been an occasion where I have to step back into her room to coax her to sleep. For some reason, Ling just doesn’t have the same kind of success I enjoy – Hannah whines the instant she senses Ling is leaving the room!

Oh well. Hannah still continues to delight us each day, though an increasing part of me is cognizant that it won’t be long before she’s out of toddlerhood and that we’ll be facing new challenges then.

PE Weekend – Part 2

Post-Presidential Election. It’s a strange Sunday morning to wake up to… with a new President that garnered just 35% of the vote and won only by a crazily small margin of 0.4% ahead of his rival. Or put in another way; our new and seventh President is also, relatively, the most unpopular president ever going by vote share. Ling and I stayed up till 1:30 AM hoping for a conclusion to be reached one way or another, but by that point, a recount had started and Internet rumors were abound that this was in view of the decision seemingly pointing to a particular direction. Got back up at 4:15 AM just in time to receive the final news live.

For me, the election’s two strongest candidates came down to one who had all the stellar credentials and experience but wasn’t universally likable for one reason or another, versus a candidate with a less impressive portfolio but who appealed to many hearts with a simple message of unity.

In any case; more photo opportunities as we went by Nex for brunch. Checked out The Prata Place which dished out yummy super flat and crispy pratas (Matt: take note! =) ). The curry gravy was suitably thick and fragrant too. This was Hannah’s first prata outing, and we are both relieved to report that she lapped all the prata pieces up.=)


Taking a good look at a two plates stacked with two kosongs and three with egg.


"Mommy feed...!"


And yes, her prata piece was dipped in a bit of curry.=)

A funny incident happened shortly after brunch. We stopped by Kiddy Palace to pick up another baby potty for the nanny’s place. Hannah got so attached to it she insisted we take it out of the carrier after purchase, and walked around the mall looking like this!


Baby Portaloo!


She even refused to let it go after getting strapped into her car seat.

Yeah there were a few passer-bys who looked amused.=)

PE Weekend – Part 1

Another long weekend for us, and this time for the hotly contested Presidential Election. As in the General Election in May this year, we didn’t both go out to cast our vote at the same time. Little girl in tow etc. and we weren’t sure if our polling center (just next door!) was going to let us bring a non-voter into the area.

Still, plenty of photo opportunities again, with morning brunch at Qiji @ Hougang Mall. Hannah took a special interest in turning the pages of the Today newspaper.=)


She isn't yet able to read though, though is able to recognize pictures.


We get creative each time we bring her out with us. There's the iPad of course, but we don't want her to get too addicted to it!

Picked up a new set of spectacle lenses too. The old pair I’ve been using since November 2009 had lost a good deal of its coating – despite my having paid for a multi-whatever-coated pair – at that point, and it was so bad that I could see blurred spots while wearing my classes. The replacement lenses was some kind of high tech gizmo that claimed to eliminate or at least repel all five impediments to clear vision: reflections, scratches, water, smudges, and even dust. You can read the claim here.


S$130 lenses. Retained back my old titanium plated spectacle frames though.

The pair of lenses cost SGD130 (ouch), but whether it works as advertised, I’ll have to see. Shouldn’t have to wait too long, since I’m a pretty rough user. =)

Hannah and Her Shoes

Wearing her latest favourite pair :)

I enjoy buying shoes for Hannah whenever there is a good bargain and her feet are about to outgrow her current set.

Hannah’s very first pair of walking shoes (not the prewalker type with leather soles) was from Crocs. I wanted something that was reasonably flexible, airy and washable. Crocs shoes matched my criteria. However, Hannah tend to trip more often than not in her Crocs. I concluded that perhaps the soles were too thick and the shoes too roomy and plus the fact she was at the stage of mastering to walk steadily. Anyway, she liked her Crocs and wore them until she has outgrown them.

Other shoes came along the way after her first pair, e.g. Oshkosh B’gosh, See Kai Run and Pediped. She loved them all. She liked those that cover her toes and also slippers that totally expose them. :)

By Month to Two – Part 2

Part two of my post on Hannah by the month! I was remarking to Ling the other day that while we’ve taken tons of pictures of our girl, we’ve barely taken enough equivalent video. I’ve stopped counting the pictures those trigger-happy fingers of mine have taken across our three cameras at home, but I think it’s easily probably well past the five digit mark now. Yep, that’s more than 10,000 pictures! If nothing else, at least I’ve got back my investment on the price of those cameras. =)


1 Year 1 Month old in July 2010. Yep, you can see her first teeth.=)


1 Year 2 Months old in August 2010


1 Year 3 Months old in September 2010. One of her last months in her baby pram.


1 Year 4 Months old in October 2010. Her hair length had grown past her neck.


1 Year 5 Months old in November 2010. Happy baby.=)

1 Year 6 Months old in December 2010. She was well-into eating adult food with us at this point.


1 Year 7 Months old in January 2011. Still enjoying her weekend romp on our bed!

1 Year 8 Months old in February 2011.


1 Year 9 Months in March 2011. A tender moment on Mommy's shoulder.


1 Year 10 Months old in April 2011. Her eyes are always looking around interestedly whenever we're at Kopitiam@ Hougang Mall. Can't be the food.=)


1 Year 11 Months old in May 2011. Ling had a ball of a time dressing her up whenever we went out.=)


1 Year 12 Months in June 2011. Our iPad gur.=)

2 Years Old! And another 16 years before I have to start worrying about the boyfriends she brings home! =)

By Month to Two – Part 1

I’ve been meaning to put together a series of pictures to see how Hannah’s grown in the last two years. This is especially considering that two years might not be considered very long for adults undergoing change, but for children it’s an entirely different matter. I’ve picked up a picture for every month since Hannah’s birth; so here goes.=)


At birth on the 6 Jun 2009.


One month old in July 2009.


Two months old in August 2009.


Three months old in September 2009.


Four months old in Oct 2009, and her first time to the condo poolside.=)


Five months old in November 2009.


Six months old in December 2009. She was just about able to sit herself upright, if very unsteadily.


Seven months old in January 2010. Started crawling about this time.=)


Eight months old in February 2010.


Nine months old in March 2010.


Ten months old in April 2010.


Eleven months old in May 2010.


One Year Old in June 2010!


To be continued in another post. =)

2 Years 2 Months 2 Weeks!

The surest signs that our girl is growing up fast is how much more my arms ache when I carry her. It doesn’t seem too long ago when the both of us could carry her to and fro wherever we were at. There’s also her daily increasing ability to pick up new words just by listening to it once, making sense of them, and forming full sentences on her own too.

She’s wearing a new dress here that Ling picked up from Marks & Spencer. Fitted her quite well, so more picture opportunities on our way to and at a Toast Box brunch @ Compass Point.=)


Getting into the car. But no, she still can't quite get into her child seat on her own.


Doesn't cry anymore though whenever we go by the petrol kiosk. There was a time when each gas trip was a wail-fest.=)


Slightly blurry picture but I thought she had a nice smile in this one.=)

Re-entering the Kitchen: Prawns in Creamy Butter Sauce

If you had tried our local stir-fried cereal prawns, you would be able to imagine the taste of this delectable prawn dish. The fragrance of saute curry leaves makes this dish so yummy. Taken from Food 4 Tots (this is a great cooking blog!), the recipe is simple and produces an excellent side dish.

Creamy Butter Prawns

I also tried playing with the ingredients as suggested by a friend (Pamela). Two changes: 1) Addition of tumeric powder to marinate the prawns, 2) replace evaporated milk with coconut milk.

Creamy tumeric prawns

The taste of curry leaves wasn’t as fragrant as compared to the original recipe. Hmm, not sure whether the coconut milk was too thick. Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained :)

Hannah drinks Coffee


We are so dead.

It was a bit of a funny scene actually. We’d just finished brunch at Burger King when our girl asked for Ling’s latte. We thought she’d be wanting to carry it around like an adult, so didn’t bother too much about that bit of the beverage still remaining in the cup.

Before we realized it, she was gulping it all down, and looking as happy as this:


She couldn't stand still after getting that gulp! Must had been the sugar rush.

iPad Gur!

Hannah has become increasingly possessive over the iPad, and interestingly not always her every evening of 10 minutes play time with me on her iPad word formation games. These days, she wants to carry it around too. Like just now over dinner:


In fact, she kicked up a fuss and insisted on carrying when we were making our way down from dinner to Fairprice at Hougang Mall. She had to be showed how to carry it properly with both hands. She couldn’t hold it very steadily well, and I was pretty worried that she’d drop it… and she did, thankfully just once!