Yummy Toddler Foods: Stir-Fry Udon with Prawns

Succulent Prawns with Chewy Tasty Udon

This unique recipe is courtesy of the mom from ‘Food 4 Tots’. I chose this recipe for 2 reasons: 1) it was about time to introduce prawns to Hannah’s diet, 2) I wanted to try cooking udon in stir-fry style.

From this recipe, I learnt a new method of marinating and cooking prawns. The creator of the recipe also shared her secret of infusing flavour into the otherwise bland udon noodles. The portion stated in the recipe is just nice for an adult (that’s me) and a toddler (Hannah). And boy, we had a great bonding time eating together afterwards. :)

For the recipe, visit her blog here. The only modification I made was to use mirin instead of the suggested Chinese cooking rice wine – the reason being that mirin was the only cooking alcohol I have at home then. Taste-wise I think it was simply delish! :P

Hannah eating noodles for the first time at home :)

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