September, 2010

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Boy or Girl

Ling was sharing just now a funny incident about Hannah. She was in Simei to pick up shoes for Hannah, when she was asked if Hannah is a boy or a girl!

Truth to tell – if you ignored Hannah’s hair length for a minute, it is indeed not easy to see her feminine features. Apparently, those features will only come through time when she gets older. So, for the moment there’ll continue to be people guessing her sex incorrectly.:)

Anyway – pictures from the recent weekend.:)

She still loves her peach flavored puffs:


We rarely bring out the pram these days when we do our weekend brunches. She’s happy just walking/wobbling alongside us, or just sitting in the trolley cart.:)


She looks like she’s reading, but she’s not.:)


Girlie Gifts :P

blog-2010-rivervale-DSC_2981-ling-birthdayJust when I thought that my darling dearest would never get me girlie presents for my birthday, he surprised me tonight.

Yang likes to keep me in suspense about the kind of birthday gifts he buys me. Hence, it has been tricky for him to get me anything feminine as he can’t ask me directly. For example, he almost bought me a scarf from Boston but decided against it as I might not take to the colour or design.

There are a few material things that have a mystical hold on a woman’s heart. One of them is bags, handbags. We just can’t have enough of them. There are always newer and prettier designs out there that tug at our hearts. Whenever we are at the bags section of any departmental store, I would go "ooh isn’t that nice, darling?" and sling that very bag over my shoulder before a mirror. Yang would go "dear, you already have a handbag…" -_____-

You guessed it right. He gave me a handbag for a birthday present! And I loved it. :D I like the simple, clean design. I have transferred all the nitty gritty items from my old handbag to the new one. Yay. :)

Together with the costly handbag, Yang also got me a lovely bouquet of red roses (I love flowers!), a yummy chocolate cake, an activity set and a kid’s bible. The latter two were meant for mommy & nana’s bonding time. :)

I know this sounds shallow but here’s one happy woman :)

blog-2010-rivervale-DSC_3001-ling-birthday blog-2010-rivervale-DSC_3007-ling-birthday

O’er the Last Weekend

A couple of pictures from the last weekend that I didn’t get round to posting and writing about.:)

The first one below was taken at AMK Hub on Saturday morning, just shortly after we’d finished brunch at Sweet Spring (occasion blogged here). A toddler that I guessed was just a little older than Hannah stopped and had a fun little interaction moment with her when he investigated the laces on Hannah’s dress:


Hannah’s first experience riding the escalator at AMK Hub below. We had to hold onto her pretty tightly in case she suddenly lunged forwards!


She’s also grown quite accustomed to her play routines, including sitting down on a new Ikea stool we got her, then taking up the pen to scribble stuff on the magnetic board:


And lastly; she still pines for participation in adult fare whenever we eat out.:)


Yummy Toddler Foods: Baby Yam and Minced Pork in Brown Rice Porridge

I bought some baby yams at last! I’ve been wanting to introduce this root veggie to Hannah for some time since she turned one. The flavour of yam in porridge is unique. And like the mother, Hannah took to the taste of yam very well :D


Here’s the recipe:


  • brown rice (1 Chinese soup spoon)
  • ginger (1 slice)
  • carrot (1 small stick, peeled and chopped into small chunks)
  • baby yam (1/3 of a small tuber, peeled and cubed and soaked in water until use)
  • minced pork fillet (remove fats and mince finely with knife)
  • hot water (250 ml)


1)  Add washed brown rice grains, ginger, carrots and hot water into the slow cooker and cook on ‘high’ for 2 hours.

2) At 1.5 hour into cooking, add baby yam cubes into the porridge, cover and continue cooking.

3) When it is 2 hours already, remove all the carrot and yam pieces and place them in the serving bowl.

4) Mash 2-3 carrot chunks and yam pieces with a fork in the serving bowl. Discard the rest of the carrot pieces.

5) Add the minced pork into the porridge and stir well to break up the meat (do this for a few seconds). Switch off the power supply to the slow cooker.

6) Remove the slice of ginger and scoop out the porridge into the bowl with mashed carrot and yam. Stir to mix all the ingredients well.

7) Allow the porridge to cool off a little before feeding the baby :)

Hannah @ Sweet Spring

We were disappointed when we went to Sweet Spring last weekend. There was some kind of power trip at the restaurant, so diners had to be turned away until power was restored.

This Saturday morning Sweet Spring was opened for business like normal. I’d thought though that the restaurant had baby chairs for Hannah, but they didn’t. We pondered for a minute, and decided to risk sitting Hannah down on the adult ‘benches’ at each table, with the both of us sitting on either side. Hannah didn’t seem to mind, and seemed to at least be cognizant of the dangers of slipping off the bench by accident and hitting her head on the marble table.

This wasn’t Hannah’s first time at Sweet Spring BTW. She was last here in March this year with our Ang mo bud, Matt for dinner:


And this is how she looks like today:


How time flies! As always; more of our little family occasion from the E-PL1.:)

blog-2010-hannah-OLYP3476-sweet-spring blog-2010-hannah-OLYP3480-sweet-spring blog-2010-hannah-OLYP3500-sweet-spring

Just so one doesn’t misunderstand: Hannah’s only comprehension of the menu is that it can be bent and folded in all kinds of ways.:)


And oh yes; she was willing to sample just about everything we ordered: soya bean curd, steamed dumplings, chive dumplings. Heck; she ever gobbled down bits of glutinous rice.:)



Ling has started tying Hannah’s hair into little pigtails.:)

blog-2010-hannah-DSC_2962-pigtails blog-2010-hannah-DSC_2953-pigtails

And Hannah doesn’t seem to mind – or notice. :)

Japan, Dec 2010

We’ve been procrastinating on our decision to go on a much-needed vacation (for Ling, that is!) this December. We’ve been talking about visiting Japan and blogged about it here, but there was just one thing holding us back: that it would be winter – not quite the season that Ling especially wants to go in.

I was fine going or not going this December, but I did tell Ling that given my academic calendar at work, it’s not going to be easy finding time in June holidays, and September holidays is too subject to variables (i.e. possible staff meetings) Ling might have in school if she’s teaching. Basically, we can’t really run from the reality that if we’re going to Japan, it’s likely going to be during December holidays… this year or next.

So, Ling decided to go for it last night and we booked tickets with Singapore Air. Lots of the cheaper fares from other well-regarded national airlines had been all booked up, and Ling brackets the Chinese airlines in the same lot as, well, Garuda Indonesia. That was despite my telling her that the accidents involving Chinese airlines are more often than not their domestic and not international flights – sigh.

It’ll be a 10 day trip: the longest we can really manage at an emotional level without Hannah. We’ll be missing her badly – but we’re already thinking of arranging regular video conference sessions with Lentor to make sure she still knows us – and we’ll be giving Tokyo a pass this time. The region we’ll be traveling in will be Kansai, and at least Osaka and Kyoto. Nara and Kobe is in the list too but we’ll have to see what we can manage within 10 days.

More to come soon on the planing. :)

Baby in Bed

More fun baby pictures of our baby girl.:) These were taken on Tuesday evening. Right when we were setting her down to her bed for the night, I thought the juxtaposition of colors would make for a nice picture with Hannah in it. There’re broad strokes of white, red, blue and green – and a giggling girl to boot.:)

blog-2010-hannah-DSC_2924-bedtime blog-2010-hannah-DSC_2932-bedtime

I think we’re real lucky that Hannah laughs easily. Or maybe it’s just a baby thing.:)

More Development Milestones

Hannah’s vocabulary has been growing by bits, and she reached a developmental milestone last week when she seemed to actually be cognizant of a word she was uttering. The both of us often use the phrase ‘sit sit’ to her when we seat her down on our laps.

She’s now able to repeat this phrase to the best of her ability when she wants to sit down with us. Not quite the precise enunciation yet of course, but it’s by far the most recognizable word she’s able to say.:)


I’ve noticed too that Hannah isn’t naturally comfy when left alone. In this regard, she’s definitely like Mommy and nothing like Daddy! One very nice thing these days is that we don’t really have to call her over to us very much when we want to keep an eye on her while we go about doing our thing at home. She’ll usually just wobble over to one of us – usually Mommy unless Mommy’s too busy in the kitchen to entertain her and she sends her over to me – and then ‘hang out’ around the vicinity.

Oh yeah; the above is our take of the Ikea meatballs. Bought a 1 kg pack with the gravy and jam, and dished it out. Ling managed to whip up quite a close facsimile.:)


While Hannah’s getting heavier by the day too, our arms these days are enjoying a small respite – as Hannah absolutely adores the freedom of being able to walk-wobble around on her own. We used to have to arm-carry her out of the doorway, but she’s able to do so on her own now though the vertical ledge that joins our apartment and the lift corridor still requires us to support her as she manages her way down to the corridor.


And this we’ve got no idea where she learned from: this picture doesn’t show it too well, but Hannah’s fully capable of rolling her tongue! The funny thing is that neither Ling nor I can do it.:)

Hannah @ The Kitchen

While we’ve given Hannah free reign to run around a good part of the house, there are still a couple of rooms that we don’t allow her into. Those are the bathrooms, and from the kitchen and yard areas. It’s easy to close the bathroom door, but the kitchen is an entirely different matter since Ling spends lots of time in it preparing Hannah’s meals. We used to be able to get Hannah to wait outside at the kitchen doorway quietly – learned behavior by telling her firmly each time she tried to tip toe past the kitchen door frame. Here’re a couple of pictures to show what we mean:

blog-2010-hannah-OLYP3085-kitchen blog-2010-hannah-OLYP3074-kitchen  blog-2010-hannah-OLYP3096-kitchen

She’d normally just stand at the doorway and watch us do our thing. But this was last week.

Things changed a few days ago. She’s gotten bolder, and will come into the kitchen, and despite Mommy’s stern instructions, proceed to investigate every nook and cranny in the kitchen. Ling got pretty exasperated, so over the weekend we went about looking for a baby gate – the sort of portable device that you can mount onto a door frame to stop infants and young children from entering into danger areas. We found a suitable device at Kiddy’s Palace @ Compass Point yesterday. Here’s what the kitchen looks like now:


Despite what the picture might suggest, Hannah seems to be taking it quite well – relatively speaking. She hasn’t whined, cried or grumbled.:)