Morning Play

Hannah’s like me not in just the physical resemblance; unlike her mommy, Hannah’s an early riser like daddy! She’ll frequently be up at 7 AM whether I wake her up or not. In fact, before infant care, that she was awake at this time each morning allowed me to spend a bit of time playing with her before heading to work.

She’ll often begin the day by baby-talking and cooing to herself. Saturday weekends are more special though since that’s the opportunity to have an extended play session with her. After a semi-absence of Hannah pictures during the first two weeks of the year and our resolution not to miss these growing months of her, here’s a series of pictures taken this morning of Hannah playing, or rather licking, cups on our bed.:)


All taken with the usual Sigma 24-60mm f2.8 with the SB600 + diffuser pointed at the ceiling.)

3 Comments to Morning Play

  1. Matt says:

    It looks like Hannah is so eager to learn to drink from a cup that she’s taken to attempting to eat them!

  2. CY says:

    I think at this age, babies work selected senses, like taste and touch, a lot more than the others. It does mean a lot more cleaning after her though. Those cups have to be washed before she gets to them, and thereafter.:)

  3. Ann says:

    very cute!!! nice pics =) she is so blessed to have nice baby photos of herself =) i only have kindergarten photo =(