Superhero Powers

As far as comicdom is concerned, there’s a long list of superhero powers. After all, if you’re going to keep things fresh in that creative industry, you need to get equally as creative when it comes to cooking up the next super ability for the character you’re writing or drawing about. Heck, there’s even a Wikipedia entry just on the list of superhero powers in fiction right here!

As these things go, in order to make those demi-Gods a bit more mortal (and believable), most superhero abilities need come with its own little flaw. Like…

Super-strength? All it takes is a kryptonite to make you go weak in yer knees!

An all powerful ring driven by willpower that can conjure up anything you can think of? Throw in an yellow impurity, or paint yourself yellow and beat the defenceless ring bearer to pulp.

Superspeed? That’s no good if your brain can’t keep up with that superspeed:


That said, there’s really only one superhero ability I care for. Heck, I wish for! And that’s Death Ray Eyes that I can explode things with.

How’s that? Well, just so I can stare and watch explode those !@#^$#@$@#$ Singaporean cars with drivers that have no manners. Like those guys who wind down their windows and spit their poo out. Or those drivers who don’t signal when they make a turn and make you wait wondering what their intentions are. Or those jokers who tail gate you and flash their high beams right into your rear-view mirror.

Ok that’s my moment of weakness – that I occasionally have a vengeful streak LOL.

One Comment to Superhero Powers

  1. ann says:

    wa, like bolt the dog LOL