Showing at a local home cinema II

A follow-up on my post on home movies viewing from earlier this year. Not as many movies as the last post – have been terrifically busy.:(

blog-babylon Babylon A.D (2008). Vin Diesel sure is getting typecast as the beefy action macho man. Unfortunately he has little of the charisma and comedic timing of say Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The French actress as the virginal save-the-world priestess goes about looking very lost and talks mumbo-jumbo, and Michelle Yeoh looks as though she’s straining from bursting out in giggles. At least the latter gets to punch and kung-fu her way through some disposable bad guys. No good.

Bangkok Dangerous (2008). Nicholas Cage as a hitman-assassin type character given a list of targets to off in Bangkok. The movie could had been just as easily ported over to any other South-East Asian country and not lost anything much. Universally panned on Rotten Tomatoes, I thought it was still semi-watchable. Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung plays a hottie but deaf and mute pharmacist and love interest. Too bad you’ll have to watch the Special Features  interview feature to hear here speak English LOL.

Mad About English! (2008) Amazing documentary that I’ve blogged before here. Gets a mite long, but still terrifically heartwarming. Recommended.

Æon Flux (2005). Semi-old show from a couple years back. Another utterly incredible – in the bad sense – show with a nice looking cast, this time in the form of Charlize Theron. She looks good with her hair all slicked back and in futuristic tights. Think Kate Beckinsale in Underworld LOL. Interesting premise though of Earth’s last survivors walled up in a city ruled by a bunch of domineering scientists. Marton Csokas aka Celeborn from Lord of the Rings looks sleepy, but so he does in every movie I’ve seen him in. No good.

blog-88minutes 88 Minutes (2007). Al Pacino is always fun to watch, even if the movie he’s in is utterly stupid or unbelievable (take yer pick) in its story. He plays a forensic psychiatrist though in the movie he really does very little in the way of forensics or psychiatry. He does run around though like a cop and a detective. Movie comes with a bevy of beautiful (if not frequently seen) actresses: including the Helen Hunt lookalike Leelee Sobieski, Deborah Kara Unger (most famously seen as Troy’s Helen), and the uber sex Leah Cairns (who plays Racetrack in Battlestar Galactica). Kinda cute to see those actresses run rings around Pacino. All the other male supporting cast is forgettable LOL.

Red Heat (1988). An even older show starring Ar-nuld. But this one’s a classic, and a favorite among NS boys in the early 90s. Ar-nuld stars as a Russian cop dispatched off to Chicago hot on the trail of a Georgian drug-dealer, gets paired up with James Belushi as a loudmouthed local detective. The two’s chemistry is just amazing. In subsequent movies starring Ar-nuld to come over the years, movie producers find ways to have Belushi show up as a cameo just to exchange lines with the former Austrian muscleman. Watching it on rental brings back great memories.

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