Ah di => Uncle => Ah Pek

It’s funny to think of it sometimes, how as one grows older, one’s label changes. Specifically, over here in Singapore at least, when you’re young (sort of), people around you call you “Ah di”, or little brother. When you’re older, younger folk may refer call you “Uncle”, which is a sort of respectful term the Chinese here use in reference to elders. When you’re old and decrepit, you get promoted to “Ah Pek”.

Personally, I should be used to the “uncle” label. Ever since Danyel came into the picture, he calls me “er shu”, or second uncle in Mandarin. However, just on Saturday, a 16 year old secondary school girl selling flags at Hougang Mall said to me “Uncle, would you like to make a donation?”

Me, Uncle???!! Hey, I’m 35 – only.:(

5 Comments to Ah di => Uncle => Ah Pek

  1. Matt says:

    Look on the bright side: most people here refer to me as “him,” “it,” or “that,” though occasionally I’m respectfully addressed as “Hey, you.”

    The real question to be answered here is this: did you make a donation? :)

  2. CY says:

    Haha.:) Well, I was so upset and indignant that I stormed away, with Ling in tow and very amused. But I backtracked, and we both made donations.:)

    Selling flags is not easy, and the girl was trying very hard, not like the other loafers who were having a nice long brunch at McDonalds’. :)

  3. Matt says:

    Hah! And you gave me such a hard time for handing over my money! On the other hand, I most certainly did get swindled by a man posing as a monk, while at least you gave to a good cause. *sigh*

    Tell me about these flags, bud. What organization do they help supplement?

  4. CY says:

    Well, the flags are actually little stickers, and the donations are often loose change.:) So, you get the sticker in exchange for the donation. The organizations are typically charity or support institutions, and these flag “days” run on Saturdays as a rule.

    These days and the volunteers involved are kinda hard to miss; the next time you’re here, just hang around any shopping mall or MRT station in the early part of the day, and you’ll see them carrying tins around. That’s them.:)

    And speaking of which, those fake monks made the news a month ago; I sent ya the link.:)

  5. Michelle Goh says:

    haha u are not old at all. young at heart also look much younger than your real age, 35 ! ;)