June, 2006

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Fishes can be like humans

… in that they sometimes just fight and attack each other viciously. That’s essentially what happened in our “prison cell” tank. The three fellows: Nibbler, Stripes and Aura initially existed pretty peacefully for a few months. Since the last few days however, Nibbler has started to viciously attack Aura, and the latter’s once beautiful fins are now in tatters. The poor fellow can’t swim properly, and isn’t expected to survive much longer – and I’m at my wits ends trying to separate the chaps.The Corys had their fair share of bad luck too. All three Peppered Cories and one Leopard passed on together within the space of a fortnight. One swam and got himself stuck behind the filter, and by the time we discovered him, his fins had been damaged beyond recovery. Three others died shortly after for reasons we still can’t figure out: testing revealed nothing to say that the water had gone bad.

The other fellows are still doing OK, fortunately. The ten tetras, two remaining Cories, and the four Lionheads – Ling’s prized possessions – are still as happy and jovial as ever. Sometime soon we’ll most likely get new companions for them to replace those who’ve passed on.

Men read newspapers, not minds

blog-bridal-shoot.JPGThe pictures turned out quite alright, which is surely a good testimony to the skill of our photographer at Precious Moments, Tien Sheng. In fact, they turned out better than either of us had expected – so much so that we decided to double the number of pictures in the coffee table album for a hefty 4 digit sum that we’re too embarassed to disclose.

We chose 58 pictures for the album. These will be touched-up and processed to remove the sort of things that Ling was wringing in despair over below, then designed into a layout that we’d preview in a month’s time. The album itself should be about 48 pages.

For the time being, here’s a selection of the unprocessed pictures right here. Do keep in mind that these are the “raw” versions of the 58 pictures we chose. So yes, one can see all the blemishes, nose marks, and the Big Red Pimple that kept Ling wide-awake for several nights before the photoshoot.

Personally, I’m pretty happy with the general composition in the 155 pictures we had for selection – from the camera frame counter I suspect that more than 300 were actually taken on the day – but thought perhaps the poses could had been a little more varied. I can’t blame Tien Sheng of course – Ling and I are a pretty boring couple when it comes to posing!

Here’s the link to a selection of the unprocessed pictures. Enjoy.:)