December, 2005

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blog-serendipity.JPGWhile many inhabitants of this little isle may be still tucked away in their comfy beds catching up on sleep from having worked ‘extra’ hard shopping for gifts and partying during the Christmas season, I’m here recollecting my life’s minuscule events.

Narnia (the recent movie) and serendipity (not the movie) both came into the picture when I think of how impatiently I waited for C.S. Lewis’ well-loved children’s story to be screened here. Much to my disappointment, the show was made less wonderful by poor acting skills coming from the 4 children. I recommend reading the book before watching the movie – if at all. Poor acting can really mar the story. Yeah, I’m a C.S. Lewis’ fan.

Narnia had been my cherished prize for Christmas. The price was patience. Well, so much for all the hype and hopes.

I remember hearing this word ’serendipity’ for the first time when I was a teenager attending my first Christian youth fellowship. Never got around to deciphering the meaning of the word (as it sounded ‘chim’ to me) till the movie ‘Serendipity’ came about. I thought “hey, what’s the meaning of that word again?”. So went I checking it up in my oxford minidictionary and it said “making of pleasant discoveries by accident”. I went checking on Wikipedia online and it said “finding something unexpected and useful while searching for something else entirely”. I can identify better with Wikipedia’s meaning. It is also interesting to note that this word was voted as one of the ten English words that was hardest to translated in June 2004 by a British translation company. The origin of the word lies in a Persian fairy tale – Wikipedia tells you more here.

For all the rich life’s experiences that I yearned for, not many lived up to their expectations. Rather, unexpected and “by the way” events make up for my life’s endearing memories. These are serendipitous moments in finding God, CY, friends, things and nature – all in their soul-fulfilling love, wonder and beauty.

I have found Narnia indeed.:)