May, 2002

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Monkey Business

jieyu01.jpgI’ve always been fairly convinced that I’m awful with kids; until I’ve had the opportunity to baby sit my 2.5 year old nephew, Jieyu. At all of this very precocious age, he’s already showing all the signs of a major terrorist in the making, including abilities of mass destruction – around the household, unreasonable demands – he drives a hard bargain between eating his daily Yoghut and his computer learning games, and hostage taking – in the form of his favourite uncle here. Barring this forbidding future he has, he’s certainly been a great joy around the house, and my painful legs have to show for it, from chasing him around the house and having him sit on my lap as I type this short brief here. :)

On last Monday, I appeared in the Today newspaper – and the thrill of having finally made it in print was great… for all of two minutes, before I was deluged in school by students saying… “Hey Mr. Foo, your ‘handsome’ face in the newspaper today!!! Was it you????” After which, it got quite tiresome to tell students not to send that picture to “Meet your Dream Woman” or to other match-making agencies… ugh!