• 8 Days in Phuket

    Dec 2017

    Series of posts on a return to Phuket!

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  • 11 Days in Western Australia

    Jun 2017

    We brought our kids to visit a part of Australia that we'd previously spent years in! A series of posts on our 11 day trip.

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  • 9 Days in Melbourne

    June 2016

    All in, a 8 day stay is pretty good for Melbourne, and anything above 10 days would be stretching it, unless you’re really wanting to take it real slow.

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  • 5 Days in Club Med @ Bintan

    Dec 2015

    What’s our verdict after a five day stay at Club Med Bintan? In a word or two: “it’s complicated”.

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  • 7 Days in Koh Phangan

    Dec 2014

    Santhiya @ Koh Phangan sits on a pretty secluded north-easterly spot on the island, and has its own private beach that’s marked out by inaccessible rocks on one end, and by more rocks on the other end.

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  • 5 Days in Melaka

    Dec 2012

    If our trips to Melaka and Sugi island has shown us any one thing, it’s that our 3.5 year old girl is ready for further trips outfield. She survived the 4 hour bus journey to/fro Singapore and Melaka very well and quite fuss-free.

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  • 6 Days in Telunas

    Jun 2012

    The one question we’ll ask ourselves is always this: will we be coming back? From our six day stay at Telunas Beach Resort, it’s a qualified ‘yes’.

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  • 8 Days in Changchun, Beijing and Shanghai

    Jun 2012

    The hospitality shown to us from to us by our Chinese hosts was nothing short of amazing. We were driven everywhere chauffeur-styled during our business visitations, and every lunch and dinner with them was a ten-course or more banquet.

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  • 10 Days in Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka

    Dec 2010

    A 10 day trip through Japan was about perfect for us to get a good feel of the country and at the same time just about exactly long enough for us to start missing home.

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  • 23 Days in Boston

    Jun 2010

    A long series of posts covering the 3 week onsite segment of a collaborative research project with Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab.

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  • 9 Days in Kumamoto, Japan

    Dec 2009

    A week long stint as a guest lecturer at the Kumamoto National College of Technology.

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  • 8 Days in San Francisco

    Mar 2009

    This city and its landmarks get destroyed so frequently by Earthquakes or Alien Invasions that I was honestly a little disappointed that nothing like that happened the week I was there.

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  • 6 Days in Bali

    Sep 2008

    Day 4 of our Bali trip was packed with the more natural sights of the island —the Jati Luwih rice terraces. These rice fields stretch from the small hill to as far as the eye can ee, with rice granaries lining the road amidst small farmer villages.

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  • Renovation @ The Minton

    2012 - 2014

    Our Renovation and New Home journey - all 120+ posts of it!

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  • Matt of Missouri

    Our Ang Mo author's hilarious guest blog posts here!

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